E-Commerce Optimization

Making Online Sales Effective and Fun

E-Commerce Optimization

Selling products online has always been an optimal way to increase revenue. Today, with all the technological advances we have experience in the past few decades, customers feel more secure about online purchases than ever and online sales is BOOMING!

More than 71% of customers believe that online sales are more affordable than purchasing in store.

Users that have purchased online before now make 51% of their purchases online, compared to 47% in 2014.

Having the right platform to take advantage of this opportunity is the key. Cali Designers provide you with the best platform, or optimize your platform to increase efficiency. Which will result in having more users on the platform, hence, more revenue.
Our E-Commerce Optimization Package consist of, Web Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay Per Click Advertisement.

  • Case Study

    The Tanning Supply Online Store from Sherman Oaks

    JOB DESCRIPTION: The business owner came to us with a plan. The plan was to optimize the online store they currently had which ran with Shopify, and also do Search Engine Optimization and Advertisement to increase the traffic to their website and therefore increase revenue.

    SOLUTION: The Shopify template had become slow due to lots of misplaced information and data on the website, so we cleared things up and made the website much faster. We did some content writing to provide a clear description of what the website is offering its visitors. Once all that was done, we created a Search Engine Optimization strategy that involved Pay Per Click services on few different platforms, and we focused on 5 researched and vetted keywords that we thought would increase the traffic to the website.

    RESULTS: The company’s website load time decreased from 15 seconds to 3.2 second, which resulted in a much faster experience for the users visiting the website. The content writing helped direct the right types of visitors to the website, and the SEO and PPC strategy worked by increasing the viewers by 215%.

  • Case Study

    The Optometrist From Calabasas

    JOB DESCRIPTION: An Optometrist came to us with a project. His plan was to expand his business online, in order to reach the millennials and make the whole eye appointment and check up routine more appealing to the millennials. 

    SOLUTION: We approached this problem by finding a good domain that matched the job description of our client. The domain was a premium domain, and we purchased it through a third party. Our Web Hosting services was also used to provide a fast, reliable platform to launch this project. We then created a shop using WordPress to display the products the client had to offer its customers. We also used a few different plugins, and customized modules, to create a top-notch appointment scheduler and user-friendly profile for each user that created an account to ensure they knew their next appointments and the necessary steps they must take to ensure the health of their vision. We also created smartphones apps that run on both iOS and Android to personalize this experience even further and also to send notifications directly to the patients regarding their up coming appointments and such. We then planned a SEO and PPC strategy to introduce this new technology in this old industry to the locals. We followed a local based strategy, focused on the cities around the Optometrist and ensured quality targeted advertising with our strategy. We also did Professional Content Writing to provide a clear description of what the website is offering and how it works.

    RESULTS: The Results were astonishing. In the first year the app was downloaded more than 200 times, which was a record for a local optometrist who has its own clientele and was trying to reach new heights with this platform in the local market. The online sales were 75% of the in-store sales, which almost doubled their sales in total. More than 300 people currently use the website and keep up with their appointments, which has increased Customer Satisfaction Rate and decreased customer loss by 60%.

  • Case Study

    The Bathing Suit Reseller from Venice Beach

    JOB DESCRIPTION: A Bathing Suit Ressler from Venice Beach contacted us regarding his website. His website was buggy, slow, and out of sorts, and had created a bad reputation for him online which had limited his selling abilities online.

    SOLUTION: We decided to Optimize his shop, which was created by Shopify, decreased the size of the website in order to increase the speed, removed the bugs and the issues that were showing up. We then installed a SSL certificate on the website to ensure the safety of the visitors if they decided to purchase from the website. We then created smartphone Application that ran both on iOS and android to create a new user experience for that store. We then refocused the Online Marketing Strategy and recommended SEO and PPC advertisement which was approved by the client, in order to rebrand the store and clear the minds of users from the issues from the past.

    RESULTS: The traffic to the website not only reached the peak that it did have before, but also set an all-time record of traffic by an increase of 35% from the highest point of traffic before we started the project. The rebranding was extremely successful and the company was given a second chance.

  • Case Study

    The E-Commerce from San Diego

    JOB DESCRIPTION: An ecommerce company in San Diego that specialized in online sales through eBay and Amazon came to us with a project in hand. They had figured that eBay and Amazon wasn’t cutting it no more, and they needed their own platform to sell their unique products. They needed a secure website, an App that ran both on iOS and Android devices, a marketing strategy.

    SOLUTION: After considering their project, we started by creating a cutting-edge shop for them so they can display their products to their customers, and an App that their customers could use through their smartphones. The next step marketing, we found 10 keywords that were essential in their industry and focused the marketing budget on those 10 researched and vetted keywords. The SEO strategy and the PPC strategy focused around those 10 keywords and drove in the customers.

    RESULTS: The marketing strategy drove in 1784% more viewers than they were getting on eBay and Amazon combined, the user-friendly look of the website and the ecommerce optimization strategy that was used in building the website increased the viewers to customers percentage from 14.78% on eBay and Amazon to 28.48% on their own website and smartphone application. The SSL certificate used on their website helped customers to have a peace of mind and purchase free of stress knowing they can trust this website. The domain that was chosen for the website was also a basic domain that was extremely useful, the company saved tons of money by not paying huge sums for a premium domain. Their SEO rating was also affected by our light and healthy Web Hosting Service that we offered our customer which resulted in better and more effective Search Engine Optimization.

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