Pay Per Click (PPC)

A Quick Boost When Needed

More than two thirds of people who search for a service or product online click on the advertised links.

Almost half the people that do use the ads, make a purchase.

These two key facts are crucial when it comes to online marketing. Any business with the right tools and knowledge can make a fast return on investment by using Pay Per Click advertisement on search engines and social media websites.

The difference between Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click is very basic. Pay Per Click is for a quick boost of your online marketing, and Search Engine Optimization is for a lasting result across the web. Pay Per Click Advertisement is much faster, but Search Engine Optimization takes good amount of time and work.

The Pay Per Click advertisement is usually used for 3 different reasons:

  1. To boost the visitors of a website quickly to increase leads and potential customers: Fast resolutions are extremely popular among small business. Pay Per Click advertisement on popular search engines and social media platforms are one of the best ways a small business can achieve fast resolution in regards of increasing client base.
  2. To push a service or product to a specific target of community: One of the best ways to push a product through different communities is Pay Per Click advertisement. With definitive options to narrow down the field of users that your Ad makes impression on, you can target different regions, genders, or age groups in order to successfully push your product or your service to the public.
  3. To Remarket and reach out to users that have visited your website in the past: No matter how good the advertisement is, there is still a percentage of users that you wont be able to make an impression on. Consistency is the key to win over these potential clients. Pay Per Click advertisement allows you to target these people in order to Remarket your brand and gives you a second chance to win them over.

The return of investment on Pay Per Click advertisement is very much like the return of investment on a piano; if you don’t know how to use it you are probably aren’t going to get any results. That is why we have structured a model that we go through for each and every one of our clients to ensure the quality of the service we are offering and also to give our clients a peace of mind on the progress of their investment. The structure of our services is as follows.

  1. Keyword Research: Finding the right kind of keywords is extremely crucial. The competition for being at the top of each search engine in any industry is fierce. With dedication and experience we can find specific keywords and keyword groups that gives you a cutting-edge advantage in comparison to your competition.
  2. Creating the Ad: As easy as it sounds, there are lots of rules and restriction when it comes to Pay Per Click advertisement. Cali Designers fortunately is certified by Google AdWords and is able to create the perfect Ad for you, that follows all the rules and restrictions.
  3. Landing Page: Once advertisement runs, the expectation of having visitors increase. These visitors however, are a bit jumpy. If you can’t catch their interest within the first 30 seconds of their visit of your website, there is a good chance you might lose them forever. A landing page is a separate page about your business, that has summarized yet detailed and easy to understand content, a call to action button, and a lead generating tool to ensure that the visitor is first, interested in your website, second, is given a clear direction to continue, and lastly, you know about it so you can follow up.
  4. A/B Testing: with all the experience and knowledge in the world, sometimes we still can’t determine how users will react to your advertisement. That is why we implement a few different types of advertisement for you, and monitor the response we get from the users, and then we can have a definitive answer as to which advertisement suits you and gets you the best results.
  5. Comprehensive Reporting: You can’t invest in something you are not seeing results in. We understand that, that’s why we create monthly reporting of your performance, along with the performance of your competition, the number of times your ad was shown, etc. to give you the knowledge required to manage and control the budget you spent on online marketing.
  • Case Study

    The E-Commerce from San Diego

    JOB DESCRIPTION: An ecommerce company in San Diego that specialized in online sales through eBay and Amazon came to us with a project in hand. They had figured that eBay and Amazon wasn’t cutting it no more, and they needed their own platform to sell their unique products. They needed a secure website, an App that ran both on iOS and Android devices, a marketing strategy.

    SOLUTION: After considering their project, we started by creating a cutting-edge shop for them so they can display their products to their customers, and an App that their customers could use through their smartphones. The next step marketing, we found 10 keywords that were essential in their industry and focused the marketing budget on those 10 researched and vetted keywords. The SEO strategy and the PPC strategy focused around those 10 keywords and drove in the customers.

    RESULTS: The marketing strategy drove in 1784% more viewers than they were getting on eBay and Amazon combined, the user-friendly look of the website and the ecommerce optimization strategy that was used in building the website increased the viewers to customers percentage from 14.78% on eBay and Amazon to 28.48% on their own website and smartphone application. The SSL certificate used on their website helped customers to have a peace of mind and purchase free of stress knowing they can trust this website. The domain that was chosen for the website was also a basic domain that was extremely useful, the company saved tons of money by not paying huge sums for a premium domain. Their SEO rating was also affected by our light and healthy Web Hosting Service that we offered our customer which resulted in better and more effective Search Engine Optimization.

  • Case Study

    The Tanning Supply Online Store from Sherman Oaks

    JOB DESCRIPTION: The business owner came to us with a plan. The plan was to optimize the online store they currently had which ran with Shopify, and also do Search Engine Optimization and Advertisement to increase the traffic to their website and therefore increase revenue.

    SOLUTION: The Shopify template had become slow due to lots of misplaced information and data on the website, so we cleared things up and made the website much faster. We did some content writing to provide a clear description of what the website is offering its visitors. Once all that was done, we created a Search Engine Optimization strategy that involved Pay Per Click services on few different platforms, and we focused on 5 researched and vetted keywords that we thought would increase the traffic to the website.

    RESULTS: The company’s website load time decreased from 15 seconds to 3.2 second, which resulted in a much faster experience for the users visiting the website. The content writing helped direct the right types of visitors to the website, and the SEO and PPC strategy worked by increasing the viewers by 215% in the first 3 months.

  • Case Study

    The Clothing Designer from Down Town Los Angeles

    JOB DESCRIPTION: A clothing designer came to us with specific issues in mind. She wanted to have appealing apps that run on both android and iOS, and wanted to change her hosting for certain reasons, transfer her website to the new hosting, and do marketing to increase the traffic of both her website and Apps.

    SOLUTION: We transferred her website on Our Fast, Reliable, and Affordable Web Hosting Service, and we designed incredible Apps that run both on iOS and Android using a cross-platform tool. The App’s purpose was to expand the online sells of the website by making it easier for users to a point they can order from their phones directly. We also created a SEO strategy that involved PPC as well, and managed the monthly budget to have the most exposure online.

    RESULTS: The online sales was increased by 37%, and the online traffic to the website, through smart and sophisticated SEO and PPC strategy was increased by a whopping 368%.

  • Case Study

    The Bathing Suit Reseller from Venice Beach

    JOB DESCRIPTION: A Bathing Suit Ressler from Venice Beach contacted us regarding his website. His website was buggy, slow, and out of sorts, and had created a bad reputation for him online which had limited his selling abilities online.

    SOLUTION: We decided to Optimize his shop, which was created by Shopify, decreased the size of the website in order to increase the speed, removed the bugs and the issues that were showing up. We then installed a SSL certificate on the website to ensure the safety of the visitors if they decided to purchase from the website. We then created smartphone Application that ran both on iOS and android to create a new user experience for that store. We then refocused the Online Marketing Strategy and recommended SEO and PPC advertisement which was approved by the client, in order to rebrand the store and clear the minds of users from the issues from the past.

    RESULTS: The traffic to the website not only reached the peak that it did have before, but also set an all-time record of traffic by an increase of 35% from the highest point of traffic before we started the project. The rebranding was extremely successful and the company was given a second chance.

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