Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization is the most important method of attracting traffic to your website.

78% of people search the search engines for reviews and information about a product or service. To sum up, that is more than 3 out of 4 people that search online before making a decision and purchasing.

Use experience, rather than being an experiment…

Many companies offer SEO services that are not only bad for your company, it is terrible for your reputation. Therefore, it can ruin your online presence, and get you removed from Search Engine listings forever. Cali Designer uses experts with incredible experience in Search Engine Optimization.Thus our proven methods, white-hat techniques gives your company the ability to reach out to thousands of users online.

We do:

  • Adaptive SEO services that fits your needs specifically
  • Researched and vetted Keywords and Market Strategy
  • Analysis of your competition
  • Search Engine Optimization techniques to get you on top of the search engine result pages in long term and paid ads for short term results
  • A complete work on your website to fix the issues that are causing harm to your Optimization
  • Premium Content Writing done by professionals to give a clear description of your website so it can be found easier online.
  • Delicate link building structure on most trusted websites to increase the trustworthiness of your website in the eyes of search engines.
  • Tuning all your information across the Internet, making sure there aren’t inconsistencies and also removing duplicates.
  • Clear analytics to ensure the strategy is sound and progressive.

How We Work?

We do the SEO strategy in 7 steps:

  1. Find out what the issue is
  2. Research and analyze the issue
  3. Create a Strategy to tackle the problem
  4. Run the strategy
  5. Calculate the rate of success
  6. Analyze the findings
  7. Adjust the strategy to get better results

SEO Guidelines

As mentioned before, many companies tend to do dirty work that is risky to you and your business in order to get results faster with less amount of work. Here at Cali Designers we have set guidelines that are set in stone and we would never cross them. Instead, we will work hard, and attend to your website’s issues one by one till we get the result that is needed.

“If you lose money for the firm, I will be understanding….

If you lose reputation, I will be ruthless” -Warren Buffet

Cali Designers is making its expertise available to you so you can protect and improve your reputation.

You Matter The Most

Let us appreciate you by working on time, working to perfection, working beyond expectations, and last but not least, working to build a relationship with you. That is how we appreciate your business, and it is reminded to us on daily basis to ensure we never forget.

Be Part of the Process, Not just a title on a folder

By offering unique, transparent, monthly reports about your website, you will be able to see all aspects of your website and its clean bill of health. Just the same way as you check your bank statement, your blood analysis, or your internet bill, we will offer you a detailed analysis of your website, where it stands and what more needs to be done on it.

  • Case Study

    The School Supplier from Van Nuys


    A School Supply Store in Van Nuys that did fairly ok online came to us and asked us to increase the traffic to their website.


    The client was using a Woo Commerce platform to display his products. In addition, our experts, modified the template so it could run much faster and also made it a bit more user-friendly. Consequently, our developers also did some professional Content Writing to address the issue of what was the purpose of the website. Then we did some fundamental Search Engine Optimization preparations to increase the visibility of the website on the internet. Then our specialists focused on 15 keywords and 10 cities, that were researched and vetted to deliver the most traffic to the website.


    The traffic of visitors to the website was increased by 75% in the first 3 months and by 215% in the first year.

  • Case Study

    The Optometrist From Calabasas


    An Optometrist came to us with a project. His plan was to expand his business online, in order to reach the millennials and make the whole eye appointment and checkup routine more appealing to the millennials. 


    We approached this problem by finding a good domain that matched the job description of our client. The domain was a premium domain. With our experts' negotiating skills the domain was purchased through a third party. Our Web Hosting services was also used to provide a fast, reliable platform to launch this project. Then, Our Specialists, then created a shop using WordPress to display the products the client had to offer its customers. In addition, Cali Designers' experts also used a few different plugins, and customized plugins. Consequently, Our experts created top-notch appointment scheduler and user-friendly profile for each user that created an account. The profiles were to ensure they knew their next appointments and the necessary steps they must take to ensure the health of their vision.

    Then, our experts, also created smartphones apps. In addition, the apps run on both iOS and Android to personalize this experience even further. Also the apps get used to send notifications directly to the patients regarding their upcoming appointments and other information. In Addition, we then planned a SEO and PPC strategy to introduce this new technology in this old industry to the locals. Consequently, our team followed a local based strategy. Most noteworthy, our experts focused on the cities around the Optometrist and ensured quality targeted advertising with our strategy. Finally, our experts also did Professional Content Writing to provide a clear description of what the website is offering and how it works.


    The Results were astonishing. In the first year the app was downloaded more than 200 times, which was a record for a local optometrist who has its own clientele and was trying to reach new heights with this platform in the local market. The online sales were 75% of the in-store sales, which almost doubled their sales in total. More than 300 people currently use the website and keep up with their appointments, which has increased Customer Satisfaction Rate and decreased customer loss by 60%.

  • Case Study

    The Sport Blogger from Santa Monica


    An individual Sport Blogger was ready to start his own blog. Hence, he asked our help to use the power of internet to get his blog up and running. The project needed a website, Search Engine Optimization, and a few paragraphs of professional content writing to direct the users in the website.


    Our team of experts approached this project using WordPress. Because Wordpress is an easy to use CMS platform that makes blogging a lot easier and much more cost effective. In addition our developers designed the WordPress theme in a manner that it was light to use. In addition the blog was easy to navigate. Also the important topics stood out the most. Finally, Our experts also did some fundamental SEO work on the website to Optimize its search engine ranking.


    the blog has 1000+ daily views, users engage in the commenting section of the blog and the client is about to sign advertisement contracts with few companies interested.

  • Case Study

    The Tanning Supply Online Store from Sherman Oaks


    The business owner came to us with a plan. The plan was to optimize the online store they currently had which ran with Shopify, and also do Search Engine Optimization and Advertisement to increase the traffic to their website and therefore increase revenue.


    The Shopify template had become slow due to lots of misplaced information and data on the website, so we cleared things up and made the website much faster. We did some content writing to provide a clear description of what the website is offering its visitors. Once all that was done, we created a Search Engine Optimization strategy that involved Pay Per Click services on few different platforms, and we focused on 5 researched and vetted keywords that we thought would increase the traffic to the website.


    The company’s website load time decreased from 15 seconds to 3.2 second, which resulted in a much faster experience for the users visiting the website. The content writing helped direct the right types of visitors to the website, and the SEO and PPC strategy worked by increasing the viewers by 215% in the first 3 months.

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